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How Corrosion Can Impact A Fire Protection System

Learn About The Effects Of Corrosion And What You Can Do To Protect The Safety Of Your Building Corrosion can have a serious impact on the effectiveness of your building’s fire protection system, and it can be very expensive to fix. This is why identifying and minimizing it are key parts of maintaining a system […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Fire Risk

Did you know that California is banning the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles starting in 2035? Wow! This is a significant feat for the country’s most populous state and the center of U.S. car culture. Why is California doing this? This ban is a step in the state’s battle against climate change by reducing the […]

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Who Can Inspect and Maintain My Fire Protection Systems?

Frequent fire protection system inspections and maintenance are essential in protecting your property and, more importantly, your people. But, building owners may have questions such as: who can inspect my fire protection systems? Do they need a license? How often should the systems be inspected? What will be covered in the inspection? First, What is […]


The 100th Year of Fire Prevention Week

Since 1922, the National Fire Protection Association has sponsored the public observance of Fire Prevention Week. Throughout the past century, fire prevention week consisted of children and adults learning how to stay safe in case of a fire. Additionally, firefighters provide lifesaving public education in an effort to drastically decrease casualties caused by fires. In […]

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How to Prepare For Fire Safety Inspections

An unscheduled fire safety inspection can feel like a pop quiz for property owners. However, just like in school, this pop quiz won’t be too bad… if you did your homework! (Don’t worry, you won’t need to do any pre-calc to prepare for a scheduled or unscheduled fire safety inspection!) All you need to do […]

Winter is Coming… Are Your Fire Sprinkler Systems Ready?

Did you know more fires occur during winter than in any other season? Additionally, cold weather can cause damage to fire sprinkler systems through freezing pipes. So, what does this spike in fires and damage to fire protection mean for business owners? They must be more vigilant than ever during the winter season to properly […]


A Look Inside VFS’ National Accounts Business

At VFS, our national accounts business helps us accomplish our mission of growing our business by serving our community and protecting that which matters most to our clients; life and valued assets.  As the provider of choice within our markets, we provide complete fire protection and integrated life safety solutions, focused exclusively on exceeding our […]

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Eyewash Stations are Not Drinking Fountains

Why You Should Have an Eyewash Station in Working Order   You heard it here first—an eyewash station isn’t a fancy drinking fountain. If you need a drink of water, we recommend finding another source… like maybe an actual water fountain.   In all seriousness, eyewash stations are important pieces of equipment that reduce the […]


The Worst Marine Fires… On Water…

There’s a reason why you don’t hear about fires in the middle of the ocean–it’s because they’re rare. We mean, marine and fire aren’t two words that are normally used in the same sentence. But here we are.   Marine fires on ships, when they do happen, are typically sparked by:   Oily rags Electrical […]


The Greatest (I Mean Worst) Fires in History

Fires have been around for, well… forever. Although fire season may come and go, fires, in general, are clearly not going anywhere. The main thing we learn each fire season, however, is how to better prepare for and prevent fires in the future.   There are, however, a few remarkable fires throughout history that have […]


Our Houston team has been hard at work expanding their business and ensuring their clients remain safe from harm! To acknowledge their accomplishments over the last few months and show them we appreciate all the hard work they have put in; we want to recognize some of their big wins!

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Be alarmed, be very alarmed. Not about ghosts, witches, and warlocks. About your building’s alarm system! It’s time to invest in Fire Alarm systems that work effectively and keep your business safe from harm. Not only will it save your business, but it will also save you money. Here’s how. PROTECT YOUR PEOPLE One of the biggest […]



BUILDING COMPLIANCE VS BUILDING COMPLAINTS (NOT JUST A SPELLING ERROR) There’s a good reason for the codes and standards established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Compliance isn’t a punishment, it’s a roadmap to safety, protection, and long term sustainability. Building Compliance vs Building Complaints (not just a spelling error)– it doesn’t have to […]