VFS Educational Seminar


Anaheim North Net Fire Training Center
2400 East Orangewood Ave
Anaheim, CA 92806


Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Only 50 Seats Available

About This Event

Viking New ESFR K28 Sprinkler

Protecting rack storage of certain specified materials up to 43 ft. high, in buildings with up to 48 ft. high ceilings, with NO in-rack sprinklers.

New Code Limitations for ESFR K14 Sprinklers.

Where you can, and cannot use ESFR K14 sprinklers.

Cost effective solution for existing ESFR K14 sprinklers.

New Non ESFR Sprinkler System Alternatives:

  • Building Height up to 27 ft.
  • Building Height up to 30 ft.

Just as an FYI…

  • Learn about new code changes for Exit Access Travel Distance in S-1 Occupancies


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