Fire Sprinkler Systems, Protecting What Matters Most In Your Community.

Ensure your commercial fire sprinkler systems are compliant and in good working order with Fortis, the nation’s best fire sprinkler service provider. From testing & inspections to service and repair to design build and maintenance, we can take care of all your fire sprinkler needs.

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Our Services & Solutions

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Fire Sprinkler Services

  • Fire sprinkler system design and installation

  • Regular inspections and testing to ensure the system is in good working order

  • Repairs and maintenance of damaged or faulty components

  • Upgrades and retrofitsto bring older systems up to code or improve their performance

  • Flow tests to ensure the system can deliver water at the required rate

  • Fire pump testing and maintenance to ensure the system is capable of delivering water to the sprinklers

  • Emergency services such as responding to alarms or addressing system malfunctions

  • Compliance inspections and reports to ensure the system is up to code and meets regulatory requirements

Industries We Serve

  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings

  • Government Facilities

  • Hospitality

  • Hospitals, Assisted Living and Medical Buildings

  • Multi-Family Properties

  • Retail

  • Schools & Higher Education Facilities

Fire Sprinkler Excellence From Coast To Coast

From pre-planning and budgeting, to design and engineering and finally installation and maintenance, Fortis has a full spectrum of specialized and certified service professionals to reinforce your building with the integrity of properly installed and maintained fire sprinkler systems.

When you need local service with national reach, choose Fortis.