Microbiological Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is not something new. Chemical industries, power plants, and facilities with cooling towers have been dealing with MIC for quite some time. However, it is relatively new in the fire sprinkler industry, so it can seem overwhelming and threatening without the correct knowledge and preventative measures.

MIC is caused by bacterial microbes in combination with four other environmental conditions: metals (host location), nutrients, water and oxygen (although some types of bacteria need only very small amounts of oxygen). These bacteria are common in the environment, but  when all of the environmental conditions are present, growth of MIC will occur.

When growth of MIC occurs, the corrosion that forms is very localized and will normally result in pinhole leaks at the affected area(s). Other symptoms that MIC may be present are the odor of sulfur in the water or the presence of slime when water is drained from the system.

VFS can test a system for MIC by taking water samples for analysis. If MIC is present there are remedies available to stop or slow the corrosion process. If the damage is extensive, pipe replacement may be necessary as a last resort.

Don’t let the threat of MIC stop you from getting answers and finding a solution.  With VFS, there is no problem too big, and with our cutting edge technology, we can find a personalized solution to fit your every need.