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Customer Centric Support Services

Building owners, property managers or developers could use an advocate to help assess their current and future fire protection needs. Whether retrofitting or developing an office building, retail complex, distribution warehouse, manufacturing facility, server room or any other type of occupancy, understanding the facility fire protection needs is critical. Understanding project scope and budgets prior to making a commitment on fire and life safety systems is also important. With that in mind, VFS has developed Support Services for our clients to help with these needs.   Read more

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Special Hazards from VFS

The fire and life safety industry defines Special Hazards projects as those that require a fire protection system other than the traditional wet or dry system. This can include flammable or combustible solids or liquids such as:

  • Aerosols
  • Solvents
  • Corrosives
  • Pyroxylin Plastics
  • Gases
  • Cryogenic Fluids

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20th Anniversary of VFS

VFS Fire & Security Services is proud to announce their 20th anniversary this year. The company started in 1993 servicing the Southern California market with just two people and has grown to over 70 employees doing work in 46 states. In addition to the 70+ employees in Southern California, VFS has over 75 affiliate companies around the country to supplement their workforce.   Read more

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Test Your Knowledge – How Well Do You Know Inspection Codes?

If you are a property manager, building owner or end-user, you work with a number of different systems in your buildings.  Most of those systems require inspections or testing on a regular basis.  It is a lot to keep track of for anyone!  When it comes to your fire and life safety systems VFS is a key partner for our clients, we help you manage the inspection process to protect what matters… People, Property and Businesses.   Read more

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Improve the Bottom Line! Eliminate Costly In-Rack Sprinklers for Cold Storage!

The Quell™ Fire Protection System is the total cold storage/outdoor warehouse fire protection solution that delivers unprecedented advantages to Facility Managers including higher-level storage and added hazard configurations.  With these leading edge advantages, The Quell™ system helps improve the bottom line for your cold storage/unheated storage facility.  Now you’re able to stock more commodity classifications, achieve higher roof and storage heights, gain more flexible stocking configurations, reduce installation cost and eliminate costly in-rack sprinklers service repairs and maintenance.   Read more

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