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Test Your Knowledge – How Well Do You Know the Codes?

Just for fun, we thought we would test your knowledge about some of the Fire Sprinkler Codes. See how well you do!

1. What is the minimum requirement for the routine Inspections of the fire sprinkler system – Alarm Devices?

A. Quarterly            B. Semiannually             C. Annually   Read more

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Refinery Fires in the News!

There have been a number of refinery fires in the past several months in several locations around the world. In one case outside of the United States, the fire resulted in 42 deaths. The fires that we have seen in our country have typically had no major injuries, but local residents get treated for respiratory problems. In all cases, the property damage from these fires is significant.   Read more

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Lunch & Learn Seminars – Presented by VFS

VFS is unique in the breadth of services that they provide to their clients. These services include fire sprinklers, fire alarms, access control, CCTV and special hazards to name a few. One of the key objectives at VFS is to educate and inform clients, architects, engineers, and other industry organizations, including fire authorities, about the latest fire and life safety news. The Lunch & Learn Seminars provided by VFS are one way that education is offered. VFS provides the latest information regarding code changes and fire protection products during these seminars to help better protect what matters… people, property and business.   Read more

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Shared Support Structures

An article written by Randy Nelson, CEO of VFS Fire & Security Services, for the June 2012 issue of Sprinkler Age.

Although ‘shared support structures’ are nothing new to our industry, the term and additional guidance concerning hanging and seismic bracing when utilizing shared support structures required some long deserved attention.  Shared support structures can be loosely defined as structures that support more than one object (pipe or equipment) including components from other mechanical disciplines.  Examples of shared support structures are trapeze hangers, pipe stands, pipe rack structures, and other similar assemblies.  It is not intended that permanent structural elements of a building or the building itself be included as a shared support structure.   Read more

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VFS – Driver of Innovation in the Fire & Life Safety Industry

VFS Fire & Security Services is a company that challenges the status quo in the industry. According to Randy Nelson, CEO, “VFS has grown into a cutting edge company that focuses on innovation in an industry where the way things are done, quite frankly, has not changed much in the past 100 years. This industry has typically been slow to adopt new technology, but VFS is leading the way!”   Read more

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