By vfsfire

Mass Notification Systems – More than Fire Protection

Today we think of firefighters less in terms of putting out flames and more as “first responders” to emergencies. We think of fire safety systems in an entirely new light, and the broader term “emergency notification” has become a greater priority in evacuation. Mere fire alarms are no longer enough. The Department of Defense has determined that most basic fire alarm systems are lacking in their ability to communicate with people in the event of non-fire emergencies such as terrorist attacks or weather emergencies.   Read more

By vfsfire

Cold Storage Fire Protection Solution

Cold storage fire protection systems have traditionally been an area of concern.  Managers of these systems have had difficulty in the past with the ability to store at high levels and also the ability to expand the hazard classification for what could be stored.  Now, VFS is pleased to announce a new solution – the Quell™ Fire Sprinkler System.     Read more

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