Testing & Inspection

Your fire protection systems are only as effective as the inspections performed on them.

The expert team at VFS Fire & Security Services has the breadth of knowledge to provide all regularly scheduled and code-mandated fire protection system inspections. The frequencies of these inspections ensure the most effective operating conditions for your building all year round and are critical to keeping current with industry and insurance codes. We have a diverse team of experienced fire protection professionals capable of inspecting and servicing even the most complex fire protection systems. Our advanced platforms and highly trained dispatch team allow us to manage inspections and testing from inception to execution. We tell you what’s due, when it’s due and why it’s due and are constantly communicating to your team to keep you up-to-date on the latest information within your facilities. Fortify your building with reliable fire protection systems inspected and maintained by the experts at VFS!

When systems or devices need maintenance we often can send a repair technician to you within 24 hours (sooner in emergencies!).  But our goal is to be proactive and ensure that our systems keep you informed and ahead of the curve.