How to Improve Security for Construction Companies

By Jackie Berens

How to Improve Security for Construction Companies

Why so insecure?  Bill, that tool belt looks great on you…  how to improve security for construction companies

Construction companies are hot spots for theft. Most construction sites are open without proper security to assist them in combating the growing issue of theft. Stolen construction equipment and materials alone can account for up to $1 billion a year in losses.

As a construction company owner, it’s time to face your insecurities. Here are a few strategies you can implement to get more secure and we mean, improve your worksite’s security. 

Start by ensuring your site is lit. (like your Aunt Martha on New Year’s Eve)

In all seriousness, having a well-lit construction site is one of the most important and simple actions you can take to ensure your site’s safety. Most criminals work hard to stay hidden, so having lighting that ensures they can’t hide is extremely helpful in preventing crimes of opportunity. 

Outside of those crimes of opportunity, construction theft is most perpetrated by employees. With proper lighting, employees will be less likely to move unseen into areas in which they are not authorized and less likely to share the worksite location with nefarious friends and relations who might take advantage of a poorly lit site. 

Fencing (no, not the sport) and signage can help!

While a sword is an effective weapon, we mean perimeter fencing, not an epee.  Fencing is a simple means of discouraging theft on the construction site.  Signage is a great way to ensure that no one can claim ignorance in the face of a trial. If the job site permits signage and fencing, consider adding a temporary fence (and be sure it remains locked during the night). 

If you’re looking into fencing for your construction site, a fence of at least 8 feet will make it difficult for criminals to climb over. Make sure there is only 1 entrance and exit into the site and install cameras for monitoring activity through the non-active working hours or at night.

Another old-school but effective way to increase your construction site’s security is to post “no trespassing” signs throughout. And if they’re out of those signs at Home Depot you can post your “beware of dog” sign as a backup plan as well! Not even the scariest of criminals wants to have a meet and greet with Cujo.

This signage ensures that outside people know only certain people are permitted in the construction area. Adding that the site is under surveillance (and actually placing the site under surveillance) could help increase awareness and security. 

Records of inventory and construction equipment are essential

Because there isn’t a national registration database, like the DMV, that registers construction equipment, it’s important you take on that task on your own. Be sure to document all your materials and equipment, and log who has access to each piece of equipment and when. Photos and a record of tool serial numbers can be extremely helpful when something is stolen or lost.

The National Equipment Register (NER) is the best place to register your equipment and improve your chances of getting stolen equipment back. If equipment does get stolen. Notify the police and the NER to help recover stolen equipment from pawn shops and second-hand tool websites. 

Make sure deliveries are scheduled in a timely manner

Ensure your deliveries are scheduled as you need them. Therefore, there will be fewer materials lying around, making it harder for those with criminal intentions to steal from you. Contact your supplier to work out a more efficient delivery schedule for your construction project where materials arrive on time.  Having piles of tools lying around can give thieves the false impression that you won’t notice if just one pneumatic drill is missing. 

Clean up and lock up materials and equipment

While this tip may seem obvious, it’s important to say. After each workday, make sure all building materials and equipment are organized and locked up. If your tools cannot be locked up and are portable, consider taking them with you. For equipment that is not portable, consider utilizing chains and cables to anchor them to their place, and remove all keys. 

Last, but certainly not least, implement security systems

Security cameras and motion detectors can be extremely useful on a construction job site. An important part of these professional monitoring services is to communicate that they are being used. Consider placing these cameras around the perimeter of your property and near the work trailer. And don’t forget those signs we suggested earlier.

Our digital video monitoring can protect your facility against internal or external theft, and vandalism. They can also keep track of movements and people. Our systems can connect to your IP network. Previously recorded or live video can be viewed from a computer anywhere with internet access. 

At VFS, we understand how important the safety of your construction sites are to the success of your business. We always utilize the best combination of hardware and software to provide reliable and cost-effective, integrated solutions for your security needs. Contact us today for your personalized solution!

What Building Security Systems are Protecting Your Business?

By Jackie Berens

What Building Security Systems are Protecting Your Business?

Santa’s coming down the chimney, and so is a burglar. Are you keeping an eye on your office while everybody’s out?

Most people know that crime escalates around the holiday season. Whether it be burglary, cyberattacks, or theft, it’s important that your business is prepared for everything. Understanding the importance of implementing proper security measures into your building is essential to the safety of your team. 

What security measures should you begin implementing today to protect your business later?

Start by training your employees on proper protocol.

Inform your employees of the best ways to protect your business and those who work within it. Security efforts throughout your company will not work if your employees are not on board. This training should cover physical security protocols. It should also cover what to do if someone dangerous is within the facility as well as cybersecurity protocols. 

Be sure your upper management has a large role in the implementation of security training and protocols. Upper management’s buy-in is essential. It helps ensure the rest of your staff understands the importance of the training. It also leads to greater follow-through with implementation.

Aside from employee education, implement proper access control systems.

Access control into your facility is one of the most straightforward ways to protect your business’ assets, inventory, and most importantly, your employees. An access control system that functions properly and is custom-tailored for your company is a powerful management tool. It helps to restrict access to certain rooms or track movement throughout your facility. 

At VFS, our security experts understand what it takes to implement proper security controls. We design access control systems that also integrate into your intrusion alarm systems.

Another aspect to consider implementing is intrusion alarm systems.

Intrusion alarm systems not only deter trespassers, but they also alert you and the authorities when someone unlawfully enters your building. Because every client has unique needs for their security measures, we design your security plan to meet your specific needs. VFS’ alarm systems integrate into your access control and video surveillance to ensure you are covered in the event of an emergency.

Implement video surveillance technology to protect your business.

Video monitoring within your facility can help identify internal and external threats, like theft, vandalism, and workplace violence. Video surveillance deters people from actually performing these threats, while also making it easier to identify those that do. 

We connect your video surveillance system to your IP network. This means historical footage and live video can be viewed from a computer anywhere you have internet access. These systems can also work in conjunction with your access control system to ensure your business remains safe and secure.

Implementing video surveillance technology into your business’ security plans can also lower insurance premiums. As the insurance companies see it, your risk goes down immensely with proper security systems in place.

Lastly, review your security systems and protocols regularly.

At VFS, we implement security measures for your specific business needs. In doing this we also analyze where your business might need more or less security. We track each client’s activity and reliability using an in-depth reporting system.

These analytics dictate our recommendations and information on which systems you use the most. It also helps to inform us where your business has the potential to improve.

Understanding where your business’ security needs work is essential to keeping your people and your business safe from harm. When you have the proper systems and processes in place, you’re ready to handle anything that may come your way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business remain safe and secure.

be alarmed. be very alarmed

By Jackie Berens

Be Alarmed. Be Very Alarmed

Be alarmed, be very alarmed. Not about ghosts, witches, and warlocks. About your building’s alarm system! It’s time to invest in Fire Alarm systems that work effectively and keep your business safe from harm. Not only will it save your business, but it will also save you money. Here’s how.

Protect your people

One of the biggest reasons to invest in a commercial fire alarm system is to protect your team. Your people are your biggest asset and are the people who care most about your business. It is so important that they are protected with the best and most reliable fire alarm systems on the market. Just as important as the system itself, is the company you entrust to inspect and maintain them! Entrust VFS Fire & Security Services to support the integrity and reliability of your fire alarm systems and the safety of your people!

The cost of recovery

Recovering from a catastrophic fire can bring about a greater investment for your company than protecting your business in the first place. Even if one catastrophic fire can be prevented, the investment in a professionally installed fire alarm system is worth it. Not only do they help you prevent fires while you’re in the office, but they also prevent them when you are away. With proper design, early detection, and advanced technology you can avoid potential damage and loss of assets from an unforeseen fire. 

Have your alarm system installed professionally

A fire event can have devastating consequences for businesses and their employees. A professionally installed fire alarm system can help to prevent or lessen the severity of such events. Through proactive measures such as staying up-to-date on required inspections, professional maintenance,  and mass notification systems VFS can help protect your employees, your customers, and your property. 

Save on insurance

Insurance companies offer discounts for systems that guarantee their investment in your building. When you implement a top-of-the-line commercial fire alarm system, insurance companies feel safe insuring your business. As an insurance agency, if a fire alarm system saves your building during the night, when you’re on vacation, or if any other unforeseen circumstance occurs, they will feel much better about their investment. The average savings on insurance for installing a commercial fire system is around 20%! 

At VFS, safety is our top priority. We offer top-of-the-line fire alarm systems installed and maintained by licensed professionals to keep your business and people safe! Our team offers in-house design, inspection and testing, maintenance and repair, mass notification systems, safety training, monitoring, 24-hour emergency service, and preventative maintenance. Want to know more? Contact us!

security measures

By Jackie Berens

5 Security measures you should implement today

Do you know what’s going on in your building when you’re not there? 5 Security measures you should implement today.

Do you know what’s going on in your building when you’re not there? Probably not. Your old school security system just isn’t going to cut it anymore. It’s important to implement a few security measures to better understand what’s happening in your building at all times. Why do you need to know? There are multiple safety issues that can occur, and with proper security measures in place, you can prevent them! Here are 5 security measures you should implement today.

Access Control

Controlling the access into your building helps to mitigate many risks to your business assets, inventory, and employees. When your access control system is running properly it can help you manage your team, restrict access to certain rooms, and track movement throughout your facility.  At VFS, we readily design top of the line Access Control Systems that integrate into your intrusion alarm systems.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

This is not your simple ‘Beware of Dog’ sign! Intrusion alarm systems help to deter trespassers and alert both you and the authorities when someone unlawfully enters your building. Every building is unique, at VFS our alarm systems are designed for your specific building needs, we integrate Access Control with Video Surveillance to ensure your businesses safety.

Mass Notification

If something happens in your building wouldn’t you like to know? Mass notification systems can help guide and direct your team in an emergency situation. With our advanced technology and proper safety protocols in place, these notification systems can help protect against potential threats that could cause damage or loss of critical assets. Whether you are in a municipal, civil, and defense or manufacturing and industrial environment these systems cut through the noise to clearly communicate critical life-saving information as well as general notification announcements throughout your facility. With industry-leading intelligibility VFS can assist your business in delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time to help save lives and protect your assets. 

Security Analytics

Along with multiple security system offerings, we track activities and reliability through our in-depth reporting system. With these analytics, we can better understand the needs of your business. Which systems are you using most? What areas of your business need more protection? We’ll find out what you need and implement it. 

Video Surveillance

Digital video monitoring can help protect your facility from theft (both internal and external), vandalism, and workplace violence. If an incident occurs, your team can be on top of it. We connect your system to your IP network so that recorded or live video can be viewed from a computer anywhere there is internet access. These systems can also integrate with your Access Control Systems. 

At VFS, we work to keep your business as safe as possible. Our systems are put in place to do just that. If something isn’t working for your business, we pivot and find something that will better serve your specific building. Contact us to learn more!

How to Improve Security for Construction Companies
How to Improve Security for Construction Companies
What Building Security Systems are Protecting Your Business?
What Building Security Systems are Protecting Your Business?
be alarmed. be very alarmed
Be Alarmed. Be Very Alarmed
security measures
5 Security measures you should implement today