The Next Generation of Fire Protection

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We see fire protection as a noble profession and we love what we do. VFS has been acquired by Fortis Fire & Safety. What does this mean for our future? We are proud to be a part of the next generation of fire protection. 

Watch the video below for a discussion on what makes us the next generation of fire protection companies from our Chief Operations Officer at VFS, John Solonynko.

Or, read on to learn more about VFS and our mission.

Who Are We?

VFS is a nationwide source of exemplary fire and security services for commercial buildings and special hazards. Our teams work with the most advanced technologies and systems to create intelligent, efficient fire and life safety solutions. 

We Are a Fortis Company

Fortis has acquired VFS. We are excited to contribute to Fortis’ mission to build the premier fire protection company in the United States. To accomplish this, Fortis is acquiring the best fire safety companies –like VFS!– and welcoming them into the Fortis family.

Who is Fortis?

Fortis provides industry-leading fire protection services across the United States. Their team is technologically forward-thinking, flexible, and dedicated to their people. Fortis takes a long-term view, investing in its people, growth, quality of service, and forward-thinking innovation.

How Are We the Next Generation of Fire Protection?

The short answer: VFS joins the next generation of fire protection through our acquisition by Fortis as well as our growth, values, mission, and amazing team.

Opportunity Through Fortis

According to John Solonynko, “working with Fortis has offered the opportunity to continue building culture, developing people, and the opportunity to build a truly world-class organization.”

VFS is Growing

VFS has built a sophisticated network of affiliate partners across all 50 states and the 10 Canadian provinces.

With carefully selected and pre-vetted partners, we are confident in our ability to perform superior service and efficient account management no matter your location. Our team works within carefully integrated frameworks and advanced platforms to facilitate the management of multi-facility national accounts. 

Learn more about our national accounts business.

We Are Committed to Community

We are dedicated to supporting the charities in our community that make the world a better place. Part of our mission is to leave the world a better place than how we found it. We do this through our support and volunteer work with charitable organizations.

What is Our Mission?

At VFS, our mission is to grow our business by serving our community and protecting that which matters most to our clients; life and valued assets. As the provider of choice within our markets, we provide complete fire protection and integrated life safety solutions. We focus exclusively on exceeding our customer’s expectations every time.

Our Team

Our nationwide team comprises of the best, most reliable, and most experienced fire and life safety service providers. We pride ourselves on the level of training and support that our team has at their disposal.

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