Mass Notification Systems – More than Fire Protection

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Today we think of firefighters less in terms of putting out flames and more as “first responders” to emergencies. We think of fire safety systems in an entirely new light, and the broader term “emergency notification” has become a greater priority in evacuation. Mere fire alarms are no longer enough. The Department of Defense has determined that most basic fire alarm systems are lacking in their ability to communicate with people in the event of non-fire emergencies such as terrorist attacks or weather emergencies.

It’s easy to understand why fire alarm systems are inherently the right choice for use in mass notification. Fire alarm systems are code-driven and regulated. The circuitry is fully supervised, and the systems are periodically tested using NFPA guidelines. The rules, testing procedures and installation practices are already established, so fire alarm companies are able to hit the road running. Also, the first responders are already familiar with the fire alarm equipment, many with years of hands-on experience.

Now, VFS Fire & Security Services is proud to announce our partnership with Gamewell FCI – a leader in mass notification systems.  Those looking for a solid Mass Notification System (MNS) turn to the E3 Series® Expandable Emergency Evacuation System for their solution. The E3 Series® strength, flexibility and survivability make it a perfect choice for keeping the public informed in the event of an emergency. The system’s ability to communicate real time information regarding the type of emergency that is occurring, and safely instruct people on what to do, and where to go, offers building owners, government officials, and facility managers a simple, proven answer to their safety requirements.

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