employees walking in a healthcare building with sound and communication systems
Hospitals and other healthcare facilities face a unique set of challenges in an emergency, such as mobility issues with patients, additional obstacles with emergency evacuation, and a large staff to inform of safety protocols. This is why sound and communication systems in healthcare buildings are essential in protecting property and residents in the event of an emergency.… Read the rest
security system on a building
As a business owner, building security is crucial to protecting your property and staff.  According to statistics provided by the FBI, 60% of burglaries occur outside of working hours. Why? Outside of working hours, your staff is typically less equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to the incident.… Read the rest
Fire Suppression System Pipes without Blockages
Fire sprinkler obstructions can hinder the effectiveness of any fire protection system, resulting in costly damages. Luckily, building owners can take steps to prevent these obstructions to ensure their fire system is protecting their commercial property at the highest level of efficiency.… Read the rest
Professional Conducting a inspection on a fire system in need of repair
Frequent fire system inspections and repairs can help commercial real estate owners prevent fires from damaging or destroying their buildings. According to U.S. Fire Administration,  out of the 100,000 fires that occur annually, 52% of the larger fires in commercial properties occur in buildings that either: Do not have smoke detectors The smoke detectors do not function properly At VFS Fire and Security Services, we believe that being proactive minimizes your chances of an emergency. … Read the rest
Fire Extinguisher on Wall
In the event of a fire, knowing the five classes can help you to use the most effective fire extinguishing agents and techniques to safely suppress the flames.  In this article, we’ll cover each fire class, how each type of fire can happen, the varying materials that can serve as fuel, and how you can safely extinguish the flames.… Read the rest
Fire Alarm in Building
The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that fires in commercial buildings cost owners over $2.4 billion per year. Wowza! This considered, monitored fire alarm systems are essential in the prevention of fires in commercial buildings. Moreover, fire alarm systems can help to: Reduce damage to property Protect valuable assets And, save lives But today, we have to ask: Is a regular fire alarm system enough?… Read the rest
Commercial Fire Protection Systems
We’ll Answer Your Burning Question…  Your commercial property is just as flammable as any other building. In fact, the National Fire Protection Agency reports that between 2015 and 2019 fire departments across the nation reported 19,156 fires in business properties alone.… Read the rest
fire protection systems service and maintenance
… Yeah That’s Something You Have To Do Just because your building has the proper safety equipment doesn’t mean your work is done. Believe it or not, you have to actively maintain each of the devices throughout the year. After all, you have to change the oil in your car – your building’s fire protection systems are no different.… Read the rest
you need an eyewash station to keep your employees safe
Why You Should Have an Eyewash Station in Working Order   You heard it here first—an eyewash station isn’t a fancy drinking fountain. If you need a drink of water, we recommend finding another source… like maybe an actual water fountain.… Read the rest
use the warm summer months while students are on vacation to fire proof campus buildings
(While the kids are away, you should probably fire-proof the Sigma Chi house)   You survived another semester! Congratulations! While college students return home for the summer, best practice is to go through and fireproof your buildings… especially the Sigma Chi house (they love lighting up… candles, of course).… Read the rest