Fire Sprinklers

VFS utilizes state of the art hydraulic modeling software for all of our Fire Sprinkler Services.  VFS has a full service, in-house Design/Build department as well as our in-house manufacturing shop to ensure the highest quality and most accurate results with a rapid turnaround time.

When it comes to Fire Sprinklers, our services include:

  • Commercial/Industrial and Retail New Construction
  • Retrofit or Tenant Improvement
  • Wet or Dry Pipe Systems
  • Special Hazards (Preaction, Deluge or Inert Gas Suppression)
  • High Hazards (AFFF Foam)
  • In-Rack Sprinklers
  • Fire Pumps
  • Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)Testing and Remediation
  • Underground Pipe Repair
  • NFPA 25 Inspection, Testing and Maintenance
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Fire Alarm Design, Detection and Monitoring

Construction Services

Major facility upgrades or new buildings require careful planning and budget awareness.  With our focus on project management, VFS can assist you in these planning stages, guiding you all the way through until completion.

VFS is proud to offer a comprehensive breadth of construction services. We will manage your construction project by providing you with:

  • Budgeting, Estimating and Cost Control to meet your needs
  • Management of the Design/Build Process
  • Value Engineering
  • Negotiate with Fire Authorities, Building Officials and Homeland Security to ensure proper guidelines for all projects
  • Material and Labor Resources
  • Negotiating and Awarding subcontracts where appropriate
  • Project Management and Field Supervision
  • Compliance with all code and regulatory agencies to ensure safety and the meeting of all guidelines.

Using the team approach, VFS works with the client toward a quality and timely project completion via organization, scheduling, quality assurance and compliance with regulatory agencies.

Special Hazards

Expertise in special hazard protection is a rarity in the fire safety industry, but it’s been a significant part of VFS since our inception.  We understand that special hazard safety begins with the integration of fire sprinkler systems and fire alarms.

It is critical to design and install the proper system for your application and with our in-house Design/Build services, we are able to apply our expertise to all of the systems that can be used in high hazard environments including:

  • Foam Systems
  • Pre-action Systems
  • Dry Systems
  • Suppression Systems (gas agent)
  • Detection Systems

Inspection Maintenance

VFS provides inspections, testing, and maintenance of fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems.  All inspections are conducted by VFS trained personnel  as outlined by the requirements of NFPA and local codes.

VFS provides comprehensive inspections for:

  • 5-year Sprinkler Certification
  • Annual and Quarterly Fire Sprinkler Inspections
  • Weekly Fire Pump Runs
  • Annual Fire Pump Flow Test
  • Annual Fire Alarm Inspections
  • Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Testing
  • Annual Backflow Testing and Certification
  • Annual Hydrant Flow Tests

Following every inspection our staff will submit a report listing any changes or corrections that need to be made in order to ensure continued compliance. All reports are then uploaded into our proprietary LiNC reporting system for easy client access.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer Preventative  Maintenance services in which we maintain all of your building codes and services to ensure they are working properly and up to code.  Preventative Maintenance limits the amount of time and energy spent on a broken part or needed update for code compliance.