LiNC brings together State-of-the-Art technology and first-rate customer service that keeps it SIMPLE for our clients to manage all of their inspection requirements whether they have a single facility, or an entire portfolio of properties nationwide.

LiNC Keeps It Simple:

  • Inspection reports are posted on our website the same day of the inspection utilizing BuildingReports.
  • Peace of Mind: Reports are maintained online for 5 Years.   
  • Deficiency repair quotes are provided within 24 hours after completion of inspection.
  • Deficiency Reminders: LiNC will email two friendly reminders for all outstanding deficiencies.
  • LiNC automatically emails a scheduled inspection date request on every inspection cycle.
  • Easy Access: View, print or email reports from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or PC.

LiNC National Accounts LogoAdditional LiNC National Accounts Features:

  • LiNC Annual Executive Report provides.
    • History log of deficiency findings and repairs for each site.
    • Number of service calls dispatched to each site.
    • Annual repair costs at each site, for each type of system.
    • Recommended budgets on a 1, 3 or 5 year timeframe for large anticipated repairs on deteriorating or failing systems.
  • LiNC provides Monthly Executive Scorecards for your portfolio of facilities.
  • Dedicated portfolio team assigned to your National Account.
  • Trained, qualified technicians all connected to LiNC.
  • Complimentary quarterly Fire & Life Safety educational webinars for all client personal.
  • Affiliate Program Flexibility!

LiNC Authenticated Inspection Data:

VFS barcodes and scans all of your fire and life safety devices utilizing BuildingReports, industry leading applications for device-specific inspection and reporting of fire and life safety and security systems. Barcoding and scanning each device ensures accurate and comprehensive inspections that are date and time stamped, and fully documented and in compliance with regulatory standards.

View and Track your inspections from your smartphone or tablet. image003.