Security Systems

Taking proper Security measures for your business is not only a worthy endeavor, but also essential in this day and age.  Safety issues span from monitoring and controlling access, discourage theft, and prevent workplace violence.  At VFS, we have solutions that fit your need, whatever it may be.  Our goal is to keep you, your team, and your buildings safe through the use of top rate technology tailored to your security needs.

Access Control

Access Control into your facility is a straightforward security measure that reduces risk to your business assets, inventory, and employees. A properly designed access control system can become a powerful management tool when you need to restrict access to certain rooms; or track movement throughout your facility. We can readily design Access Control Systems that also integrate into your intrusion systems.

Mass Notification

We implement mass notifications so that when an update is needed, scheduled maintenance is about to occur, or there is an emergency, your entire team can be notified.

Video Surveillance

Digital Video Monitoring can protect your facility against internal or external theft, vandalism and workplace violence. It can also keep track of movement and people if these unfortunate events do occur.  By connecting the system to your IP network, previously recorded or live video of a facility can be viewed from a computer anywhere there is internet access. Systems can also be integrated to work in conjunction with your Access Control System.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Intrusion Alarm Systems not only deter a trespasser, but also will alert you and the authorities when someone enters your building unlawfully.  We understand that every client is unique, and so is your building.  Our Alarm Systems are built to excellence and reliability, with full integration to your Access Control and Video Surveillance needs.

Security Analytics

Not only do we provide security systems, we track their activities and reliability through our in-depth reporting system.  These analytics provide us with detailed information regarding which systems you are using the most, what areas of your business need protection improvement, and more.

We will always utilize the best combination of hardware and software to provide a reliable and cost-effective, integrated solution for your security needs.

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