VFS is proud to introduce the Mesh Radio Alarm Monitoring Program. Mesh radio is 100% reliable and has a low cost of ownership, plus it’s easy to install, easy to manage and faster than any alarm communication system available. Mesh radio eliminates your two costly required telephone lines or cellular services for cellular monitoring and significantly reduces fees you pay each month.

Consider that the average cost for your two required telephone lines and the monitoring fee is approximately $125 per month. For a portfolio of 25 properties, the total annual monitoring cost is roughly $38,000. With the VFS Mesh Radio Program, you cut your monitoring cost by 20-30%. The average savings is estimated to be $11,800 each year (for 25 properties).

With a two year Mesh Radio Program commitment, VFS will furnish, install and service the mesh radio panel with NO money down in most areas.  This allows your company to free up capital, yet still benefit from a state-of-the-art system.

Mesh radio is a wireless alarm-monitoring network based on radio technology. Originally built for demanding military applications, mesh radio has been tested to the highest possible standards.  It is UL864 listed and NFPA compliant. Mesh radio technology is rugged with robust mesh radio pads linking individual transceivers to a central station. Multiple pathways provide redundancy so that alarm signals can always transmit. Unlike other alarm monitoring technologies, mesh radio is a two-way communication system so it’s easy to manage.  Acknowledgment messages can be sent from the central station to the individual transceivers allowing central stations to easily conduct remote diagnostics and avoid sending technicians into the field…saving you money.

When it comes to speed, mesh radio is far superior to other alarm communication systems. While telephone and cellular alarm transmissions can take up to 45 seconds to connect, mesh radio transceivers connect to central stations in one to three seconds. How important is speed when it comes to monitoring your facility? A fire can double in size and intensity every 30 seconds so the speed of your alarm communications can be the difference between life and death.

Mesh Radio offers cost savings, improved speed and improved reliability.  This makes the choice for alarm communications simple – VFS Mesh Radio.

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