UL Certified Installer of Fire Alarm Systems

More and more cities are now requiring fire alarm systems to be installed by a UL certified installer. The certification of a fire alarm system verifies that the alarm was installed in compliance with building and safety code requirements.

UL’s alarm system certification programs provide authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and insurance companies with a convenient, reliable way to identify code-complying fire alarm systems. AHJs and insurers have found these programs to be a great benefit when assessing risk and determining ongoing code compliance with nationally recognized standards and codes.

VFS – Certified Installer of Fire Alarm Systems

VFS is proud to say that we have gone through the process required to become a UL Certified Installer of Fire Alarm Systems. We recognize that more and more cities are now requiring this certification and we believe that this gives our clients additional peace of mind to know that their alarm system is in compliance. By having this certification, VFS is telling our customers that the alarm system will be installed, maintained, tested and monitored in accordance with applicable codes and standards. UL visits every listed alarm company like VFS at least once a year to countercheck the compliance of alarm service covered by UL Certificates and to verify that controls are in place to assure continued compliance. UL Certification of your alarm services delivers the highest level of confidence available in today’s market.

What this means to our clients is that VFS is delivering the highest quality alarm system possible. Whether we are installing a new alarm system or maintaining an existing system, our clients know that we are working within the UL guidelines and that our work is in compliance with the most up-to-date alarm codes.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does it work for a company like VFS to get certified?

UL Lists alarm companies to determine compliance with UL standards and nationally recognized codes. Once a company goes through this evaluation process, they can issue certificates within their Listing category. These certificates are generally only issued upon AHJ request.

  • Why does VFS need to issue a certificate?

While it is important to require that installing companies be Listed, it is even more important to request that an individual system be certificated. Just because a company has become Listed does not mean that all of their systems meet the code requirements. The only way to assure compliance and subject the systems to UL’s audit process is to issue a certificate.

  • What does “Listed alarm service company” mean?

“Listed alarm service company” is a shorthand way of saying that a company is authorized to use the UL Listing Mark on alarm services that are in compliance with UL’s requirements. For alarm systems, the UL Mark is a certificate.

  • What does “Certificated alarm system” mean?

A “certificated alarm system” is one where the certificate-issuing alarm company declares that Standards-complying alarm service is provided. It is equivalent to a manufacturer whose name appears in a UL product directory choosing to place a UL Mark on a specific production product. A certificated alarm system is subject to random audit by UL alarm system auditors to countercheck compliance, just as a product with a UL Mark is subject to random audit.

  • Do all alarms installed by a Listed company or monitored by a Listed central station comply with UL requirements?

UL can only audit alarm systems for which certificates have been issued. So, UL cannot answer this question with a definable level of certainty. Many non-certificated systems may comply with requirements, while many do not.

The vast majority of alarm systems in the U.S. are not certificated. Listed alarm companies are not required by UL to issue certificates for any of the systems they install. Typically, a certificate is issued only when a customer or authority having jurisdiction requests one. VFS has a policy that we issue certificates based on the customer request.

This means that the majority of alarm systems are designed and installed with a goal in mind, but not necessarily a vision commonly held by all parties. A system that has a certificate complies with published, nationally recognized standards and codes that provide a baseline common understanding of the system and service provided.

To learn more about VFS and our UL Certified Alarm Services, visit: http://vfsfire.com/services/alarms/