Cold Storage Fire Protection Solution


Cold storage fire protection systems have traditionally been an area of concern.  Managers of these systems have had difficulty in the past with the ability to store at high levels and also the ability to expand the hazard classification for what could be stored.  Now, VFS is pleased to announce a new solution – the Quell™ Fire Sprinkler System.  

The Quell system is a dry sprinkler solution that does not rely on in-rack sprinklers or anti-freeze.  Designed to “surround and drown” a fire, this system offers significant advantages over traditional wet and dry systems.

  • Does not require expensive antifreeze, which can leak and damage storage commodities.
  • Ceiling-only coverage eliminates costly in-rack sprinklers and increases storage array flexibility.
  • Provides fire protection for Class I, Class II and Class III commodities.
  • Provides the lowest installation and maintenance costs.
  • Provides for the protection of high piled storage including single, double and multiple row rack storage as well as palletized and solid piled storage, of up to Class III commodities 40 feet and up to 48 feet building height and Group A cartoned unexpanded plastic commodities 30 feet and up to 35 feet building height.
  • Backed by the industry’s best 10-year limited warranty

The Quell™ System is the total cold storage/outdoor warehouse fire protection solution that delivers advantages in the areas at the top of facilities managers’ wish lists: higher level storage and added hazard configurations. Because the Quell™ System brings new benefits in both areas, this system provides true bottom-line benefits for your unheated storage facility. Now you’re ready to stock more commodity classifications, achieve higher roof and storage heights, gain more flexible stocking configurations and reduce installation costs.

To learn more about the Quell™ System, contact VFS today!  We can help you configure the best possible solution for your cold storage needs!