Improve the Bottom Line! Eliminate Costly In-Rack Sprinklers for Cold Storage!

VFS Fire & Security Services

The Quell™ Fire Protection System is the total cold storage/outdoor warehouse fire protection solution that delivers unprecedented advantages to Facility Managers including higher-level storage and added hazard configurations.  With these leading edge advantages, The Quell™ system helps improve the bottom line for your cold storage/unheated storage facility.  Now you’re able to stock more commodity classifications, achieve higher roof and storage heights, gain more flexible stocking configurations, reduce installation cost and eliminate costly in-rack sprinklers service repairs and maintenance.

The patent-pending Quell™ Fire Sprinkler System is the first of its kind for cold storage, outdoor, and unheated warehouse facilities.  In terms of performance, the Quell™ System effectively addresses a fire with a “surround and drown” configuration to rapidly reduce the heat release rate. This fire protection approach minimizes damage to storage facilities and valuable goods.

The Quell™ System, designed to “surround and drown” a fire, offers significant advantages over traditional wet and dry systems including:

  • Ceiling-only coverage eliminates costly in-rack sprinklers and increases storage array flexibility.
  • Does not require expensive antifreeze, which can leak and cause damage to storage commodities.
  • Provides the lowest installation and maintenance costs.
  • Backed by the industry’s best 10-year limited warranty.
  • Provides for the protection of high piled storage including single, double and multiple row rack storage as well as palletized and solid piled storage, of up to Class III commodities 40 feet and up to 48 feet building height.  Also provides Group A cartonned unexpanded plastic commodities 30 feet and up to 35 feet building height.

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