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VFS – Driver of Innovation in the Fire & Life Safety Industry

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VFS Fire & Security Services is a company that challenges the status quo in the industry. According to Randy Nelson, CEO, “VFS has grown into a cutting edge company that focuses on innovation in an industry where the way things are done, quite frankly, has not changed much in the past 100 years. This industry has typically been slow to adopt new technology, but VFS is leading the way!”

LiNC Inspection System

One example of how VFS is driving innovation is through their LiNC Inspection System.  VFS developed LiNC to help clients with the daily struggles they face when managing their fire and life safety inspection requirements.  Before developing LiNC, VFS interviewed building owners and property management companies to learn more about some of the challenges they encounter when it comes to their fire and life safety inspections.  A common theme heard from the research was that saving time and money was critical.  Those interviewed said that getting their inspection reports in a timely manner was critical. VFS was informed that it took up to 4-6 weeks to get an inspection report from other vendors.  If deficiencies were found during an inspection, it could take an additional 2 weeks to get a repair quote.  VFS also learned that building owners and property managers needed help with managing and tracking current and past inspection reports. VFS developed LiNC to address these concerns through their web-based, real-time inspection system.

“LiNC is an innovative inspection system developed by VFS. No one else in our industry is offering what VFS provides,” according to Mario Lopez, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at VFS.   “With our innovative LiNC Inspection System, our clients receive their inspection reports and recommended solutions within hours.  VFS also allows clients to track pass/fail inspection results for an entire portfolio crossing states and regions, all on one screen from any device. LiNC also helps VFS clients budget for future repairs and upgrades. Our current clients love LiNC because it saves them time and money.”

Project LiNC Status Reports

In July 2012, VFS will roll out the Project LiNC Status Reports to help communicate to clients and contractors the status of their construction projects.  These email based status reports allow VFS clients and contractors to see bi-weekly updates on  their projects.  The reports show the status of all parts of the construction project, from the design start date and permit submittal dates all the way through the construction process, showing percentage complete on specific tasks.  This is another innovative communication tool that will be used to better service VFS clients and keep them informed on their project status at all times.  Again, VFS developed these reports based on client feedback.  Clients felt that there was a communication gap in the industry and VFS created this tool as a result.  This type of communication system is another example of how VFS is challenging the status quo and is constantly improving processes and systems for their clients.

Fire Sprinkler Codes

Another example of how VFS is a driving force in the industry is their leadership role in developing fire sprinkler codes.  Randy Nelson, CEO of VFS Fire & Security Services, is a member of two NFPA technical committees, NFPA 13 and 16.  These groups are responsible for writing the fire sprinkler and foam system codes that are referenced throughout the world.  This helps put VFS at the forefront of what is happening in the fire protection industry and gives VFS clients an edge.  Clients can be confident that VFS knows and understands all fire sprinkler codes and provides them with the best possible solutions.

VFS is taking their role as a driver of innovation very seriously and this means great things for the clients of VFS.  To learn more, visit www.vfsfire.com